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Home » Gamebird, Quail & Poultry Rearing Supplies » Automatic Drinkers » Steel Nipple with Gasket (10pcs)
Steel Nipple with Gasket (10pcs)
Product Description
Instructions & Note:
  • Simply drill an 9.4mm~10mm hole in your pipe or container & push rubber grommet into hole, insert nipple and enjoy!.
  • Manufacturer recommends 1 nipple for 2-3 poultry.
  • Water nipples only work under low pressure (5.5 psi or less). Do not contact directly to a garden house (house water pressure is around 30 to 75 psi).

If you want to have it connected directly to a garden house then a water pressure regulator is required.

Nipple Details
  • Push in style.
  • Seal way, Double cone seal.
  • Length: 34mm.
  • Weight: 11g/each.
  • Color: stainless steel.
  • Water discharge: 40-90ml/min
  • Material stainless steel.
Item Code: NP-03

Steel Nipple with Gasket (10pcs)

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£12.00 In Stock
Steel Nipple with Gasket (10pcs)  £12.00

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